Sunday, 3 November 2013

Books In The Post - The 'Poor Tired Graeme' Edition!

What a week... After fifteen months of unemployment I'm back in the world of work and it's a transition that has required a lot of adjustment on my part, very much like being in a car that goes from nought to sixty in less than a second... It's all good though but I am hoping that things start to feel a little easier this week ;o)

Anyway, the last week has been full of books waiting for me when I got home and this is the post where I show you what those books were. Not all of them will be reviewed, reading time is at a premium and will be even more so in about five weeks when our next child arrives... :o) I want to use that time then on books that I'll either enjoy or will get me thinking, either's good. The other books still deserve a mention though so here we go,

My Fantasy Masterworks collection is starting to look pretty special now although there's a way to go yet before it's complete (especially now they are bringing out the new books). This little lot came courtesy of Amazon ('The Riddle Master's Game' and 'The Well of the Unicorn') and my good friend James who popped 'The Dragon Waiting' through the door last weekend. The plan is to lay my hands on more of these at Christmas, what's here should keep me going in the meantime though :o)

I'm not going to go on loads about 'Zombo' as that is what the post below was all about. I had a lot of fun reading it, yesterday, though and there will be a review sometime this week. If I can work out what most of it was about that is... The 'Slaine' book is as gorgeous as it looks but strangely lightweight at the same time. More on that this week as well.

And the rest... I'll definitely be dipping in and out of 'End of the Road', Jonathan Oliver has got form for editing amazing collections so I'm looking forward to seeing what this one is like. It will probably happen one story at a time though (and I know which ones I want to start off with). 'The Wisdom of the Shire'? I don't think so, I had no interest in the hardback review copy I got last year and I've realised that my feelings haven't changed in the slightest. If anyone has read this book and wants to comment then feel free :o)
I'm quite interested in reading 'Fiddlehead' and 'The Art of Hunting' but they're both parts of series and that's putting me off a little bit. I know there's only one book preceding 'The Art of Hunting' but how standalone is 'Fiddlehead'? Does anyone know?
And 'The Waking that Kills'... The blurb is quite interesting but there are a lot of other books that I want to read first so don't expect to hear much about this book (here) any time soon. Here's that blurb for those interested...

The ghosts that haunt us are not always strangers.

When his elderly father suffers a stroke, Christopher Beale returns to england. He has no home, no otherfamily. adrift, he answers an advert for a live-in tutor for a teenage boy. the boy is lawrence lundy, who possesses the spirit of his father, a military pilot – missing, presumed dead. unable to accept that his father is gone, lawrence keeps his presence alive, in the big old house, in the overgrown garden.

His mother, Juliet lundy, a fey, scatty widow living on her nerves, keeps the boy at home, away from other children,away from the world. and in the suffocating heat of a long summer, she too is infected by the madness of her son. Christopher Beale becomes entangled in the strange household... enmeshed in the oddness of the boy and his fragile mother. only by forcing the boy to release the spirit of his father can there be any escape from the haunting.a dark novel of possession.

And, it has to be said, the cover looks lovely. You can see that over Here.

That's that for today I think :o) I'm going to settle down somewhere comfortable and read either Remic's 'The Iron Wolves' or Wagner's 'Conan: the Road of Kings'. I'm totally undecided so it will probably be a little bit of both :o)
Have a good weekend!

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