Friday, 11 July 2014

Some Cover Art That Caught My Eye...

Because, what with one thing and another, that's all I've had time for this week. If I've read one whole page of a book I'd be surprised...
Cover art still catches my eye though (kind of the whole point of it really) and so I thought I'd share a couple of pieces that stood out. Check them out...

Gwenevere, Arthur’s Saxon wife, is a problem. As the dynastic cement between the British and the Saxons, her marriage to the Arthur will result in a child that will unite both sides. At least, that would have been the plan, had the Great Duke Arthur not died and left the petty kings of Britain to squabble over his title.
Only Morvran, Arthur’s chief fixer, has the wit to see that the Fourth Gwenevere is the key to maintaining a crumbling peace. But when she  is abducted, it seems that all hopes might disappear with her.
For, in a world where swords and horses have names of honour, where poets speak as oracles of a shifting truth and the raiding of Saxon warriors is set to ruin Britain, perhaps it’s only the Fourth Gwenevere herself who has the real solution?
Doesn't that look gorgeous? Sometimes that's all you can say about a cover, you just let it say the rest  for itself. The blurb describes the book as a 'magnificent precursor to John James 'Votan' and 'Not for all the gold in Ireland'; I really want to read 'Votan' so will definitely be reading 'The Fourth Gwenevere' (once I get this whole 'readers block' thing sorted).

 I found this in the micro-library (for 'micro-library', read 'phone box'...) and, having never read anything by Van Vogt, thought I'd enjoy a bit of free reading. It's a very slim book so definitely be read. Look at that cover though... A gentle reminder of of more innocent times when an SF novel would not be ashamed to be seen in  an SF cover. I know that cover art sells books and the whole point is to sell as many books as possible (that you can read on the train without people knowing that you're reading SFF...). I just wish that more genre fiction looked like this though, or maybe I'm just feeling my age a little. What do you think? (About the cover, not my age...)

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