Thursday, 24 July 2014

'Ghost Shark' (2013)

This week, I have learnt that I will watch anything in an attempt to get to sleep (it was too hot last night so I couldn't…) I'm really hoping for a change in the weather soon otherwise my brain will turn into cheese through watching awful films on Youtube. Films like 'Ghost Shark' for example…

Every now and then, a film comes along that is perfectly summed up by its title and 'Ghost Shark' is very much one of these. It's a film about the ghost of a shark that takes revenge on the inhabitants of a small coastal town and, as the title also suggests, this involves people dying in all manner of stupid ways as said shark is able to manifest wherever there is water (tiny puddles, a kids waterslide, a car wash, you name it…) It’s very much a one trick pony with people dying and not a lot else happening (thank goodness there's some variety here then) but a little tension goes a long way and 'Ghost Shark' can be effective, at times, with those moments that are designed to make you jump even when you know something bad is about to happen.

Luckily for 'Ghost Shark' then, it's also a film that doesn't take itself seriously at all. How can it with a name like that? It's all about laughing at the dodgy CGI (torso-less legs still trying to walk, makes me laugh every single time) and watching Richard Moll chew the scenery as Finch, the drunken lighthouse keeper who knows more than he is letting on.
'Ghost Shark' is ridiculous but all the more entertaining because of it. 'So bad it's good'? Quite possibly. If I'm not going to get any sleep then this is the kind of film I want to be watching while I wait to drop off...

And yes, I really did pick the dumbest looking picture for this post. It was actually a surprisingly difficult job... ;o)

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