Friday, 25 July 2014

Catching Up With Some Comics.

And the week of 'hardly any sleep' begins to draw to a close with a faint hope that things might improve now the weather is starting to cool off a little bit (or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part) I've run out of films to watch on Youtube (well I haven't but you know what I mean…) so I thought I'd catch up on some of the comics that I have waiting patiently on my phone.

Me and comics have been going through a bit of a sticky patch just recently; it's either a case of nothing new catching my eye or old favourites feeling like they are running out of steam. It was really good then to see Eric Powell returning to the form we all know he is capable of with 'Goon: Occasion of Revenge #1' (Dark Horse). While the Zombie Priest may no longer be a threat, his brethren want to take over the town and the Goon and his friends may be the only people who can stop them.That is, of course, if past secrets don't come to the surface and destroy them first… 'Occasion of Revenge' is a real return to what Powell does best, coarse humour with an edge of horror, to unsettle readers, and moments of pure pathos. If that wasn't enough, Powell's artwork offers up a bleak dreamscape where it's all too easy to see where the nightmares might lurk (the first sight we get of Mudd in particular, this is what Powell is all about). I read this issue on my phone but I can see myself buying the comic as well, just so I can really appreciate the full affect of what Powell has done. I feel like I've come home with 'Occasion of Revenge', it's glorious.

I've read a few back issues of 'Groo', enough to know that teaming him and Conan up has the potential to be very funny indeed, if not quite classic comic book fare. 'Groo Vs Conan #1' (Dark Horse) is all about setting the scene but already we can see how that inevitable confrontation is going to pan out and I will be there if the humour in #1 is anything to go by, loads of wry chuckles from me while reading :o)

What I really liked about this book was how well each of the artists work dovetailed together; really well handled when you consider how different each artists work is.

I've been going off Conan a little just recently (too much of the same thing I think) but 'Groo Vs Conan' looks like it could be just different enough to prove a refreshing diversion from Conan's normal fare. Like I said, not quite classic comic book reading but I'll see how the next issue goes and then take it from there.

I'm always looking for new comics to try (especially right now when nothing really stands out and begs to be read) so… Any recommendations? Comments please :o)

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