Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Books in the Post! 'Not so much 'in the post...' Edition...

I'm just over a week into the new job (seems to be going well, thanks for asking), right in the middle of a town centre full of book shops that I'd never been in before. That soon changed very quickly and seeing as I have had the mother of all book/DVD culls the other day, I felt a little justified in bringing a few books home with me. If you ever find yourself in Bromley (it could happen) have a look in 'Time Trek', a tiny little comic shop just up the road from Bromley South station. It doesn't just sell comics; if there's a gap on the shelves then the owner seems to have a great habit of filling it with books. You can't argue with that, especially when you come home with books like these...

I can't help but pick up old 'Conan' books, even if I already have all the original tales. Partly it's because of the covers, partly it's because every so often you will find tales from other contributors and I'm very interested in reading these where I can. Mostly it's because I'm really into old books, at the moment, in a strange nostalgic way. Old books are great. They've already been around longer than I have and it's likely that they will still be around when I'm not. I want to be a stop on their journey.
I already have 'Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive' on DVD but couldn't resist picking up a copy of the book for a pound (again, nostalgic memories of marmite on toast and watching 'Doctor Who' as a kid). Don't ask me why I picked up 'The Time Trap of Ming XIII' though. Seriously, I have no idea. I hope it's a good read...

'The Rituals of Infinity' was the final 'Bromley buy', turning up during a speculative peek inside Oxfam. I've more or less read/have all the 'Eternal Champion' books that I want so it's time for a look at some of Moorcock's other sci-fi writing. We'll see how it goes with 'The Rituals of Infinity'. On a side note, it's always really nice to see an old book in as good a condition as 'The Rituals of Infinity'. My edition was published in 1971 but, apart from a slightly faded cover, wouldn't look out of place in a bookshop today given how well it has been looked after. I like that :o)
'Time Bomb' was a lucky win on Twitter but I've read enough of Scott Andrews to know that I'm more than likely in for a bit of a treat here.
I'm at the end of the line with zombie novels, there is nothing new to be said and I find myself wondering if writers are covering the basics well enough for reading zombie fiction to be worth my time. There are a couple of series that I want to finish off though, Dana Fredsti's 'Plague' books being one of them. I am well into 'Plague World' at the moment; you might even see a review this week all being well.

Any of these books catch your eye. Have you read 'The Time Trap of Ming XIII'? If so, can you tell me if my £2.50 was well spent...? All comments welcome ;o)

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