Monday, 14 July 2014

Books in the Post! 'Reader's Block...' Edition

So last week was a bit of a write off not just for the blog but for reading in general. I've got loads of stuff going on right now but usually I can zone out with a book. Not last week though, out of all the books I picked up I was lucky if I made it past two pages of each, maybe two and a half. I know I joked about it the other week but maybe it really is time for a 'Belgariad' re-read. If I can't even manage that then clearly reading isn't for me any more... ;o)

Luckily some books came through the post, last week, that look like they could give me a bit of a kick start. Maybe... Have a look and see what you think.

I'm not going to say too much about 'The Fourth Gwenevere' as I would totally be repeating the post below this one. To summarise; looks interesting, will be reading.
I always meant to read Tom Pollock's 'Skyscraper Throne' books but somehow never did. 'The Glass Republic' arrived first but I need the first and third books to arrive before I make a serious go of this series *watches for the postman*

Hope: "That's Judge Dredd, you like Judge Dredd Dad..."

I sure do and I'm really keen to see where the 'Chaos Day' plot leads to next. It's not often that Mega City One has a catastrophe that it really might not recover from...

In a world where zombie fiction is increasingly failing to hit the mark for me, Adam Baker has enough about his work to come up with the goods more often than not. 'Impact' could be the book that gets me over this reading issue I have right now. As could 'Smiler's Fair' as well; I read this way back in the day, when it was on submission with Hodder, and I'm looking forward to reading it again. 'Smiler's Fair' really is that good people!

So that's me then and I'll leave you with a promise that this week will see a lot more posts than last week. Should be easy, shouldn't it? See you tomorrow ;o)

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