Saturday, 19 October 2013

The 'Everyone Else Liked Them' Book Haul!

Starting from today, instead of posting book pictures gratuitously (I've wanted to use that word for a few posts now) it'll be one post a week with all the books that came through the door, this will either be on a Saturday or Sunday. Here's the first picture to kick things off...

If I was going to give this pile of books a name it would be 'Everyone Else Seemed to Like Them so I Wanted Them Too' because a few of the books here do fall under that category. I haven't heard a bad word spoken about 'The Thousand Names' and even though Niall wasn't mad keen on 'The New Girl' he liked it just enough to whet my appetite (and thanks for the heads up Niall!) Liviu wasn't too impressed with 'Ancillary Justice' but he is the only person so far and all the right people have said all the right things so... I want to give it a go :o)

The Iain M. Banks box set is all about me wanting to read/re-read a little more sci-fi and deciding to start with some intelligently written space opera (looking forward to diving into these). 'Behind the Sofa' just appeared this morning and, being a fan of Doctor Who, I will dip into this one soon. 'Last to Rise'...? Well, I still need to read the first two books so you might be waiting a while for a review of this.

But that's enough about books that I really want to read, I need to shoot off and pick up some books that I really need to read right now. Is there anything here that catches your eye?


  1. Nice! Banks has been on my must-read list for a long time now, and I've been curious about Wexler too. The more I see and hear about Ancillary Justice, the more I want to read that one.

    My shelf additions for the week.

  2. I have read "Consider Phlebas", I'm currently reading "The Player Of Games" and probably intend to read "Use Of Weapons" if all goes well and I'm not disappointed. I also intend to read "Ancillary Justice" before the end of 2013 since I've heard only good things about it and I try to read something freshly published now and then to stay up to date with current reviews. For me, a mostly-fantasy reader, that's a lot of Sci-Fi !!!

  3. I've been indulging in some Banks re-reads myself with Excession being the most recent and a damn good read. Of the others I'd most likely pick up Wexler so I'll be interested to see what you make of it.

  4. Oo. Ancillary Justice. I just read it and already want to read it again. Nice picks!

    And I have yet to hear from anyone who didn't like Use of Weapons.

  5. As regards The New Girl, I really wouldn't recommend it over The Mall or The Ward, and if you've already read through those, this one might strike you as a bit blah. But I'm with you 100% on Ancillary Justice, Graeme; can't wait to get to it myself.

    Hey, by the way. :)