Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Free Reading From Abaddon...

More reviews are on the way and will arrive just as soon as I can get them posted. The last couple of days have been busy, to say the least, and I just want to get my breath back a little :o)
What have I got for you in the meantime? Even more free reading? I reckon so... Abaddon think you should be reading their books (they'd be pretty rubbish publishers if they didn't...) and have made a couple available for free. The plan is that you will fork out for the rest of the series but, given the series, I'd recommend you do that anyway. Jonathan Green's 'Unnatural History' kicks off an awesome steampunk series (a favourite of mine) while Simon Spurrier's 'The Culled' is a fine way to open the post-apocalyptic 'Afterblight Chronicles'. Okay, I would have gone with 'Death Got No Mercy' (an excellent read and standalone) but 'The Culled' is still worth the read.

Both books are free on the Abaddon site and most other places too. I don't know how long the offer lasts (I don't think Abaddon know either...) so I'd get in there quick if I were you ;o)

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