Monday, 28 October 2013

Some Free Reading For Halloween.

If you're after some short, scary reading this Halloween then you should head over to Smashwords where Messrs Keene, Smith, Nicholson and Maberry have all donated short stories, forming a free collection, as part of the 'Spooky Stacks' signed book giveaway. I've downloaded, and read, the collection already; here's a quick summing up of what I thought...

'Fast Zombies Suck' (Brian Keene) - Not scary at all but this story does come with a killer twist that made me chuckle.

'Pizza Face' (Bryan Smith) - A really tense read that features the immortal line, 'Which one of you stupid meth heads thought it would be a good idea to order a pizza right smack in the middle of a home invasion?'

'A Farewell to Arms' (Scott Nicholson) - A sombre tale of the zombie apocalypse and just what one man will do to survive it.

'Cooked' (Jonathan Maberry) - Not the zombie tale I was expecting from Maberry but powerful nonetheless. Sometimes it's just about revenge, no matter what you promise.

Apparently, this collection will only be available for a short time so I'd make the most of it if I were you ;o)

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  1. Thanks, I just downloaded it and I'm going to read those short stories as soon as possible!