Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The 'Post Birthday' Update Post!

No post yesterday as I was too busy being spoiled rotten on my birthday :o) I had a lovely time, thanks for asking, although it's becoming clear now that there isn't a lot of 'thirties' left before I turn forty. I wonder what that will be like.
Most of the 'birthday book shopping' will be happening in a few days time but I did receive a couple of books on the day. Check 'em out...

I've read a little bit of 'Something Wicked' (the 'Fantasy Masterworks' collection grew by one!) although the 'Black Company Re-Read' is taking precedence now we're into the last two books. The 'Birthday Book' though... Read that one yesterday and it was just as surreal and funny as I expected (coming from the mind of my three and a bit year old daughter). Aliens, Peppa Pig, camping trips and a lightsaber fight that Hope won (even though she hadn't been in the book up to that point); kind of a cross between pulp space opera and kid's TV :o)

Talking of the 'Black Company Re-Read', my latest post went up yesterday on Tor.com. Head over Here for my thoughts on 'She is the Darkness', the 'Knife of Dreams' (only better) of the 'Black Company' series. Leave a comment while you're there.

Because I don't want to miss another deadline (I'm going for the record by all accounts) there will be a lot of comic book stuff here this week. It's all good though, especially 'Trifecta' and 'Monster Massacre', so do come back for a read. Seeing as it's you, I'll even try and squeeze in a book review somewhere ;o)

See you tomorrow.

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  1. The Birthday Book sounds pretty epic :) Hope you had a blast!