Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Book Haul! (Moorcock and Eddison Edition)

I've been waiting a little while to show this haul off, mostly because the books were in a charity shop (in Ipswich) and then they were residing at my folks house (thanks Mum!) waiting to come over and meet their new owner.
They're all mine though now and a real example of what a determined bit of prodding around, in the most unlikely looking charity shops) can do. Have a look,

I've never read the 'Epic Pooh' essay (although have heard what everyone else thinks of it) so am looking forward to reading that, amongst others, in 'Wizardy and Wild Romance'. I haven't read any Jerry Cornelius at all and have still to start 'The Dancers at the End of Time' series so 'The New Nature of the Catastrophe' and 'Legends from the End of Time' are just what the doctor ordered. Actually, I have read 'Elric at the End of Time' (which is in 'Legends') and I'm looking forward to reading that story again.

You wait ages for some 'Jerry Cornelius' and then two books come along at once :o) I like the way that 'A Cure for Cancer' is marked as 'Science Fiction' on the cover', I guess someone thought the skeleton woman holding a ray gun was a little bit too subtle...
I'm looking forward to seeing if/how 'The Golden Barge' expends on the short story and 'The Worm Ouroboros' was an opportunity to nudge my 'Fantasy Masterworks' collection onwards a little bit (even though it's not the correct edition, not a big deal so long as I get to read the books). All will be reviewed here in the fullness of time :o)

If you do happen to find yourself in Ipswich, check out the Samaritans charity shop (Carr Street) as they still have a whole load of very cool (and cheap) sci-fi and fantasy books on the shelves. Then turn around and get the hell out town! Seriously, there are nicer places to spend your time, don't say I didn't warn you...

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