Thursday, 8 May 2014

'Kane' on Kindle!

SF Gateway (part of Gollancz, I think...) already have good form for finding old SFF classics and publishing them in eBook format. This time though, I think they've outdone themselves. A little poking around on Amazon led me to find out that SF Gateway are in the process of publishing all of Karl Edward Wagner's 'Kane' series. If you have a Kindle (or whatever) and like your Sword and Sorcery dark, violent and bloody then you should be all over this if you haven't read the books already. They're short reads but very entertaining; you don't hear a lot about Kane these days but he occupies a well deserved place on my list of 'Hard bastards of Fantasy literature' (may or may not be a future post) and would make a lot of today's anti-heroes squirm uncomfortably and wish they were somewhere else.

Go have a read, you can thank me later ;o)

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