Sunday, 11 May 2014

Catching Up With My Comic Book Reading…

There hasn’t been a lot of comic book reading just recently but a couple of crowded commutes gave me the chance to catch up with some stuff on my phone (because there was just enough room on the train to hold my phone at eye level)… One regular title then and a comic that I always mean to read more of…

‘X’ #13 – Swierczynski, Atkins (Dark Horse).

When you reach rock bottom, the only way you can go is right back up. That’s the direction X is headed in (after taking a severe beating in the last couple of issues) and Swierczynski tackles this move with his customary brutal aplomb along with more insights into who X actually is (raising more questions but that’s cool). There are no punches pulled but the impact is slightly lessened with the introduction of Robert Atkins on art duties. Not that he doesn’t do a good job but Maia is far better at capturing the violence in what X does. Atkins work is eye-catching but it doesn’t make you wince in the same way that Maia’s does. I’m still here for the long term so am hoping to see Maia back soon.

‘2000AD Prog 1880’ – Various (Rebellion)

I love 2000AD when I pick it up but somehow am never able to string my reading into consecutive issues… Prog 1880 sees me dumped into the middle of an ongoing ‘Dredd’ storyline then but also handily deposits me at the beginning of a new ‘Indigo Prime’ story (which looks very promising albeit yet another variation on Hitler winning the war…)and at a decent jumping on point with ‘Slaine’ (loving Simon Davis’ artwork here)

‘Colony’ looks like it could turn out to be a lot of fun (potential for aliens or zombies here, I like the fact that it’s not clear cut) and Vince Locke’s art makes the read flow really smoothly. I’ve got no interest in reading ‘Outlier’ at all (a little too much catching up to do there), anyone else read it?

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