Friday, 2 May 2014

Books In The Post (Aftermath Edition...)

Okay, aftermath is a strong word but it kind of felt appropriate after coming downstairs this morning and seeing birthday presents strewn everywhere. Hope turned four yesterday, where have the years gone? It doesn't feel that long ago that Hope was just starting to turn burbling noises into proper words; now she is trying to negotiate sweets for breakfast when I don't let her have chocolate cake...

But anyway... In amongst the debris were some books that turned up en-masse and are demanding room on the shelves. Check them out (apologies for the slightly blurry pic)

I want to read all of them but 'Crown of Renewal' didn't make the cut. Nothing against the book at all; it's the nth book in a series though and I don't have the time to get all caught up, not when there are other books that I want to read first.

The other books though will all be read, some sooner than others. I need a few laughs in my reading so 'The Serpent of Venice' will be read very soon as will 'God's War'; not a funny book at all (from what I've heard) but very well regarded and I want to see what the fuss is all about. The plan is for that to lead on to a read of 'Infidel' in the near future.

And what is that book in the bottom right corner? Would that be an ARC of Mark Lawrence's 'Prince of Fools'? It is and despite my being well behind in reading about that 'loveable rogue' Jorg Ancrath, I am really keen to get into this book. You might have to wait a little bit for the actual review though (I think that people are being asked to hold off reviews until a little closer to the publication date).

What else am I reading/watching? I'm still plodding my way through Stella Gemmell's 'The City' (just enough to keep me going but it's a real slog at times) and I'm halfway through the first season of 'Game of Thrones' (feeling very sorry for Gregor Clegane's horse, everyone else seems to be getting what they deserve though). It's awesome, why didn't you make me watch it sooner...? ;o)

What about you guys? What are you reading?


  1. Hey, Graeme, a belated welcome back to blogging. I'll be dipping my toe in the blogging water again soon as well. Comments are hard to come by these days, aren't they?

    I was actually hoping you would have a recent review of something that looks good, because I could use a good epic fantasy right now. One without a protagonist under 18.

  2. Thanks Tia :o) There will be more reviews in the future (promise!), it's been a busy few days though and my reading time has taken a bit of a beating, hoping that will change soon ;o)