Saturday, 3 May 2014

‘Ghost Omnibus, Volume 3’ – Various (Dark Horse)

If you were around for the last blog then you probably heard the story of how I got into reading ‘Ghost’ and many other comics when I went to college (roughly half a lifetime ago now but who’s counting?) If you weren't around for the last blog, ‘Ghost’ was a relatively new comic that offered me the chance to jump on board without having to know the minutiae of what happened in #960 etc, you know how it is.
What kept me reading though was the mystery of Elisa Cameron; who she was and why someone had killed her. There was a real depth of characterization that really made me care about finding out the answers to those questions (set against the glorious backdrop of Arcadia, grimy noir if ever I saw it).

I read along for a bit but then life went down different paths and I left ‘Ghost’ behind, until now that is. Thanks to the collected volumes (unwieldy phrasing I know but I still need to find out the plural of ‘omnibus’…) I’ve been catching up, two more volumes to go after this one. Volume Three it is then…

We've now reached the point with ‘Ghost’ where we’re not quite ready for the answers but we’re being prepared to receive them in Volume Four. Things start to become a little clearer then and, amongst all the regular stuff that Ghost does so well, I found myself strangely reluctant to continue. The mystery is the whole point of ‘Ghost’ and when that’s gone there’s nothing left, the story has to finish. I guess I’m not ready for that to happen just yet.

In the meantime though, there is plenty to read with Arcadia still trying to tear itself apart and Elisa trying to get her head round what happens next now that she has rid herself of a major threat. Eric Luke and a team of artists all combine well to show us the battles that Elisa must face in Arcadia as well as within herself. Sometimes these two themes merge and the introduction of the villain Silhouette makes Elisa really face up to who, and what, she is. It’s a compelling read, albeit tinged with a little sadness that the end is coming. The big ‘3’ on the cover is a not so subtle clue that this isn't the place to start if you’re a newcomer to the series; long term readers will find a lot to enjoy though. On to Volume Four…

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