Saturday, 10 May 2014

All Out Cover Art War!

Because every so often, a book will show up that I already have and I like to compare the covers. So, not really a 'war' at all then, I know, but sometimes you just have to go with the title in your head :o)

I'm not one for lugging hardbacks around which will explain why I'm still to crack open the copy of 'The Nomad of the Time Streams' that has been sat in a dark corner of my bookshelves for a number of years now. Hopefully, I'll have a little more luck with the re-issued Gollancz paperback that came through the door the other day (and has some of the original illustrations inside, I like that in a new book). We'll see how that goes but in the meantime, have a look at those covers...

'Sadly ignored by Graeme' edition.

'Fresh out of the box and brand new' edition.

The first thing that struck me was the ever so slight change to the title. In this brave new world of re-issued Moorcock books, Oswald Bastable is now merely a nomad of 'Time', not the 'Time Streams'. It seems like an odd thing to focus on but I would have kept the original title; that's what Moorcock's Multiverse is all about after all and it feels like the scope has been narrowed down just a little bit as a result.

That to one side though, I really can't choose between the two covers (hoping that you can). The new edition is a little more understated but captures the Imperial theme of the book just as effectively as the original. I guess the only small issue that I have is that the new cover is a little too obviously for people who don't want to be seen reading an SF novel in public. That's entirely up to them, I like to show off what I'm reading though (apart from 'Monster Massacre' but there was a damn good reason for that!) 
So, what do you guys reckon? Both covers do their job well, which one would you prefer on your bookshelf? Have some blurb as well while you're here...

Captain Oswald Bastable, an Edwardian soldier, is catapulted into the far-flung future. 1973, to be precise - but a 1973 that is very different to the one we know. The First World War never happened, and the world seems to be at peace. It is a peace that the honorable Bastable cannot allow to continue. But can one man defeat an Empire - and what will be the consequences if he does?

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