Monday, 7 April 2014

What I’m reading at the moment…

Not a lot as it happens. I don’t think I picked up a book at all last week (not counting comic books) due to all sorts of stuff going on, not least an overwhelming urge to play ‘Subway Surfer’ for hours on end. Is a score of just over six hundred and fifty thousand time well spent? I have a horrible feeling that the answer is no and I should probably get some kind of life. Oh well… :o)

Here’s what I’ve got on the go at the moment, all in varying stages of completion.

‘The Godwhale’ – T.J. Bass

This is the book that is most likely to be read and reviewed this week (just over halfway through). It’s a gripping read and a vividly drawn picture of how our world might end up based on what we are doing to it now. If I have one complaint though it’s the overabundance of medical terminology getting in the way of what is a very good story. Still plenty of time for that to change though, you’ll see how it turns out later on this week.

‘The King in Yellow’ – Robert W. Chambers

The sight of Hope walking around the house with my copy of ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ (because apparently she loves books with elder gods all done up in dinner jackets on the cover…) reminded me that not only have I not read any weird horror for a while but I haven’t read ‘The King in Yellow’ at all. I’m attending to that pretty much as we speak; the collected short stories format mean that this is more of a ‘dip in and out’ book but I’ll get into it properly once I’m done with ‘The Godwhale’.

‘The Goblin Emperor’ – Katherine Addison

I picked this book up on the recommendation of Justin who has a lot of good things to say about it. I haven’t made a lot of headway with ‘The Goblin Emperor’ (really want to finish ‘The Godwhale’ first) but, based on the few pages that I have read, I’m really looking forward to having a few hours to kill so I can really get stuck in.

Looking forward a little bit, I have a copy of ‘Revival’ volume one headed my way as I enjoyed the other two volumes and want to get caught up with the whole story. I also have a hankering to read me some David Gemmell which could mean that my old copy of ‘Midnight Falcon’ comes off the shelf for a couple of commutes. My impressive collection of Fantasy Masterworks (if I do say so myself) is also letting it be known that I really need to get reading them. And if that wasn’t enough, the news about Tad Williams’ new trilogy has got me looking at my old copies of the ‘Memory, Sorrow and Thorn’ trilogy… Loads of exciting stuff then but it’s all for another day as I’m going to take a break from my normal way of reading and tackle what’s in front of me ;o)

What are you reading at the moment? And why do you think I should read it too? 

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