Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Gemmell Awards - Shortlist Announced

While I was having a little Easter break, more on that later, the Gemmell's shortlist was announced during Eastercon. Thank you Tor.com for letting me know ;o) If you haven't seen it already, the shortlist looks something like this...

Legend Award for Best Novel

•The Daylight War—Peter V Brett (Harper Collins UK)
•Emperor of Thorns—Mark Lawrence (Harper Collins UK)
•The Republic of Thieves—Scott Lynch (Gollancz)
•A Memory of Light—Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan (Tor/Forge)
•War Master’s Gate—Adrian Tchaikovsky (Tor UK)

I can't really say a lot about this as the only book I've read from the list is 'Warmaster's Gate' and that was the original manuscript. Do I want any of them to win? Y'know, I wouldn't mind seeing 'Emperor of Thorns' win just because the first book was so good. What? That's my criteria on this slightly dull and gloomy morning, deal with it ;o)

Morningstar Award for Best Debut Novel

•The Garden of Stones—Mark T Barnes (47 North)
•Headtaker—David Guymer (Black Library)
•Promise of Blood—Brian McLellan (Orbit)
•The Path of Anger—Antoine Rouaud (Gollancz)
•The Grim Company—Luke Scull (Head of Zeus)

Same deal here really. I've read a chunk of 'The Grim Company' and about three pages of 'The Garden of Stone' (really need to get back into that...) If Black Library can be bothered to mobilise their fanbase to vote then 'Headtaker' will take the 'Morningstar Award'. You heard it here first.

Ravenheart Award for Best Cover Art

•The Republic of Thieves—Scott Lynch, cover art by Benjamin CarrĂ©
•Emperor of Thorns—Mark Lawrence, cover art by Jason Chan (HarperCollins UK)
•Skarsnik—Guy Haley, cover art by Cheol Joo Lee (Black Library)
•Promise of Blood—Brian McClellan, cover art by Gene Mollica and Michael Frost (Orbit)
•She Who Waits—Daniel Polansky, cover art by Rhett Podersoo (Hodder)

Aha! The only award I feel half qualified to comment on seeing as it's a case of just saying which cover is the prettiest ;o) My vote here goes to Rhett Podersoo's cover for 'She Who Waits' ; not only because it is the prettiest cover but I think more people should be reading the 'Lowtown' books anyway and if an award points more people in the direction of the book then that's a good thing. Right?

I'm still not a huge fan of the awards (they still strike me as a popularity contest rather than an award based on any kind of merit...) but good luck to everyone on the shortlists ;o)

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