Friday, 28 February 2014

'Rags & Bones' - Cover Art and Table of Contents

You know those books that you wouldn't normally read but somehow just look intriguing? Books that you end up reading despite the fact that you have a heving pile of books to read anyway? I reckon 'Rags and Bones' could be one of those books for me. I normally stay away from YA books (just because there's a lot of adult books that I want to read first) but the authors in the table of contents, along with the whole 'reimagining of classic tales' thing, has got me wanting to make a little room in my schedule. Have a look at the TOC and see if you don't feel the same (what's in the brackets is what is being reimagined),

That the Machine May Progress Eternally by Carrie Ryan (E. M. Forster's 'The Machine Stops')
Losing Her Divinity by Garth Nix (Rudyard Kipling's 'The Man Who Would Be King')
The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman ('Sleeping Beauty')
The Cold Corner by Tim Pratt (Henry James's 'The Jolly Corner')
Millcara by Holly Black (Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla')
When First We Were Gods by Rick Yancey (Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Birth-Mark')
Sirocco by Margaret Stohl (Horace Walpole's 'The Castle of Otranto')
Awakened by Melissa Marr (Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening')
New Chicago by Kelley Armstrong (W. W. Jacobs's 'The Monkey's Paw')
The Soul Collector by Kami Garcia (The Brothers Grimm's 'Rumpelstiltskin')
Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy by Saladin Ahmed (Sir Edmund Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene')
Uncaged by Gene Wolfe (William Seabrook's 'The Caged White Werewolf of the Saraban')

Early 'must reads' for me are the Wolfe, Ahmed, and Gaiman so no real surprises there then. 'The Soul Collector' looks interesting though and maybe 'Losing Her Divinity' as well. Would you read any of these stories? I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Yes I very much want that one now. Can Gaiman ever do a fairy tale short story as well as Snow, Glass, Apples? Still the best remake I have read.

  2. 'Snow, Glass, Apples' is the whole reason I want to read 'The Sleeper and the Spindle'. I don't think I've read a better remake either.