Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book Signings and Books...

It feels like an absolute age since I've made it out of the house for anything other than work and/or walking Elana to get her to sleep so the opportunity to go to Forbidden Planet and get my copy of 'The Copper Promise' signed was too good to miss; especially when there were drinks to be had afterwards. By the way, read 'The Copper Promise' if you haven't already; it's a lot of fun and thoroughly deserves all the readers that it gets.

The birthday cake would have made the signing awesome all by itself but what really made it for me was bumping into a whole load of people that I haven't seen for ages and inevitably getting drunk with them whilst talking Doctor Who. And I did it all on about four hours of sleep from the night before; I've still got it :o)
That's a (slightly late) New Year's Resolution to make I think; spend more time with friends. It's always good.

And then there were a couple of books that managed to find their way home with me. What? First night out in a long time, I kind of felt like I had to get them :o) Have a look, go on...

I was very pleased to pick up 'Reap the East Wind' on the 'Sale Shelf' for about half the price it normally goes for. I have no idea what order these collections run in (I really need to find that out don't I?) but I think I've got them all now so that's a good start. Plus I get to have some more Raymond Swanland art on my shelves and you can never have too much of that.
I'd forgotten that there was a new 'Garrett' book out (well I say 'new', you know what I mean) so when I saw 'Wicked Bronze Ambition' it pretty much bought itself really.

And that's me on this grey, rainy but strangely optimistic Thursday afternoon :o) I'm off to nurse a slight hangover and convince myself that I really don't need to visit more bookshops on the way home tonight...

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