Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

What the title said ;o) I hope you all had a good one last night, I was fast asleep at midnight and that was the best way to see in the New Year I think! Hopefully 2014 is going to be amazing for each and every one of us (even him, he deserves a good 2014 as well you know).

I wasn't going to make any reading resolutions this year (plenty of other resolutions that I do need to make though), figuring that if I enjoy what I'm reading (and can say why if not) then that would be enough for me. And then this happened in 'Any Amount of Books' on the Charing Cross Road...

I only went in for a quick browse of the SFF section, honestly! 'Darker than you think' was a no-brainer (that's another one ticked off the Fantasy Masterworks list) and I do have a bit of a soft spot for the 'old' SF Masterworks books so the other three pretty much bought themselves really. 'Grass' is a book that I definitely wanted to read after Gav has been saying so many nice things about it.
I've got two shelves full of Fantasy and Science Fiction Masterworks now (with more to follow) so it's about time I started reading them isn't it? The resolution then is to read at least one a month, more if I can, and post reviews here. 'The Phoenix and The Mirror' is being read at the moment so you should hopefully see what I thought in the next couple of weeks. There are some really interesting looking books on these shelves and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in.

That is pretty much my only reading resolution although it's (very) early days and I daresay that more plans will be made. What about you though, what are your reading resolutions for 2014? Whatever they are, I hope you have a great year and all the stuff you're planning comes to fruition :o)

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