Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Books in the Post (Unashamedly Late Edition)

This should have gone up over the weekend but I spent a large part of that either holding Elana (to get her to sleep) or having a lightsaber fight with Hope. I was Mace Windu and Hope had been watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ so she was Princess Belle… With a lightsaber. If the Empire does try to take over I’m sticking with Hope by the way; she may be only three and a bit but she has a mean swing with a lightsaber… And then I had to do some study for an exam that I had yesterday… Busy times :o)
But the books, you spend ages waiting for books and then a whole load turn up at once! Have a look at what came through the door…

I was hoping that ‘The Cormorant’ would show up and it did, I’ve already read a big chunk of it and it’s as awesome as I hoped it would be. I’m aiming for a review later on this week and, the rate I’m going, I think that’s a target that I’ll hit. I’m trying to stop buying ‘Fantasy Masterworks’ off Amazon (really I am) but ‘The House on the Borderlands’ was going for pennies and I couldn’t help myself. This looks like a book to read when the nights are dark and the rain is hammering on the roof like it wants to get in and drown me. Hang on… Most nights are like that at the moment, maybe I’ll pick this up after I finish ‘The Cormorant’.
I really like the sound of the blurb for ‘Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea’ and it also sounds like a good book to break my ‘haven’t read a novel by Adam Roberts’ habit. There are books that I really want/need to read first though so you might have to wait a little while before you see a review here. In the meantime, has anyone else read it?

And finally… One of the things that I love about running a book review blog is the opportunities it offers me to read books that I would have never thought of trying otherwise. I’ve found some amazing books that I’ve read purely because they came through the door instead of off a shelf in the shop. I’m not sure if either of these books will hit those heights but I’m still enjoying that sense of anticipation before I pick them up :o) Have a look at the blurbs…

'Last God Standing’

When God decides to quit and join the human race to see what all the fuss is about, all Hell breaks loose.Sensing his abdication, the other defunct gods of Earth’s vanquished pantheons want a piece of the action He abandoned.

Meanwhile, the newly-humanised deity must discover the whereabouts and intentions of the similarly reincarnated Lucifer, and block the ascension of a murderous new God.
How is he ever going to make it as a stand-up comedian with all of this going on…?

‘Hannibal: Fields of Blood’

Hannibal's campaign to defeat Rome continues as he marches south to confront his enemy. With him is a young soldier, Hanno. Like his general, Hanno burns to vanquish Rome. Never has the possibility seemed so likely but a stealthy game of cat and mouse is being played as Rome's generals seek to avoid confrontation.
Eventually the two armies meet under a fierce summer sun. The place is Cannae - the fields of blood. The battle will go down in history as one of the bloodiest ever fought, a battle in which Hanno knows he must fight as never before - just to stay alive.

I could see myself reading ‘Last God Standing’, although it’s not a priority read at all, but ‘Hannibal’ might be going to a better home in the near future; a place where it’s more likely to be read (and isn’t that what books want more than anything else?) How about you guys, would you pick any of these books up?

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