Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cover Art - 'The Fell Sword' (Miles Cameron)

This was waiting for me when I got home last night and I have to share the cover because it looks just lovely as well as continuing the cover theme begun in 'The Red Knight'. No catchy little slogan this time but I can let that go because OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE ROC! Go on, have a look...

Loyalty costs money.

Betrayal, on the other hand, is free

When the Emperor is taken hostage, the Red Knight and his men find their services in high demand - and themselves surrounded by enemies. The country is in revolt, the capital city is besieged and any victory will be hard won. But The Red Knight has a plan.
The question is, can he negotiate the political, magical, real and romantic battlefields at the same time - especially when intends to be victorious on them all?

I still need to read 'The Red Knight' and am playing with my ever-changing reading pile to see if I can do this sooner rather than later. So many books, so little time etc etc. I wouldn't have it any other way would you? Has anyone here read 'The Red Knight'?

In related news, everyone who has a blog was told yesterday that Miles Cameron is in fact Christian Cameron, historical novelist with the 'Tyrant', 'Long War' and 'Chivalry' series to his name. So that's a whole load more books that I haven't read then...
Anyway, if you hadn't heard the news then you have now. As you were everyone... ;o)

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