Monday, 10 June 2013

'Waking up from the American Dream:The Horror Of Memory in Brad Anderson’s Session 9' David Annandale essay at 'Black Treacle'

Well, today was meant to be a review day but it ended up being a day where I spent the afternoon wrestling with an on-line application form (I hate them) as well as having an argument with my three year old daughter who was hacked off as we wouldn't let her play hopscotch in the street. If this is what she's like now then I'm dreading her turning sixteen...

Anyway, everything gets bumped forward a day (so review tomorrow then) but what do you get in the meantime? Some mooching around on Twitter led me to David Annandale's (writer of some excellent Warhammer 40K stuff) essay on 'Session 9' over at 'Black Treacle'. If you're a fan of the film then you should read it if you haven't already; I'm not sure I want to agree with his definition of Simon (even though I know he's right, I just prefer to be kept wondering) but the essay is thought provoking and really captures the feel of the film itself. I am a fan of the film by the way; it just freaked me out so much that I can't watch it again. (excellent work by director Brad Anderson).

If you haven't seen the film then the essay is stacked full of spoilers, just so you know ;o)

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  1. Ooo, thanks for this. Session 9 really unsettled me.

    Hope the application process goes in your favour too :)