Sunday, 23 June 2013

Books, Books & Books...

You may have heard me go on about this elsewhere but I'm on a bit of a mission to collect the old Fantasy Masterworks series. The rules are simple; all purchases can only be made through second hand book-shops/market stalls etc. When I finally get a job, one small excursion into the world of 'Amazon New & Used' will be permitted :o)

With this in mind, there was no way that I could pass up a visit to the Hilly Fields Fair (just up the road from where I live, always fun) without a little nose around the second hand stalls after time spent watching Hope try to kill herself on the bouncy castle. No Fantasy Masterworks this time, the search continues, but I did manage to find this...

Last time I came across one of the 'Eternal Champion' books in hardback ('A Nomad of the Time Streams' in case you were wondering) it set me back £15 for a first edition. I'm not sure if 'Von Bek' is a first edition (how do you tell?) but it only cost me a pound so I'm not too bothered if it isn't :o) I don't often get luck like this on the second hand book trail so am feeling pretty pleased with myself right now. All I need to do is to find some 'Jerry Cornelius' at a similar price and I'm all set :o)

In terms of books that have come through the door recently; I put down whatever it was I was reading (must have been good then...) to have a go at these two...

'Man of Steel' is the kind of book that makes me want to go out and buy a coffee table just so I have something to put it on. It looks absolutely gorgeous inside and out with all those shots from the film and the double spread concept art. That's where the appeal ends for me though... 'Man of Steel' is one of those books that gives you a lot of background in terms of actors insight into a character, location details etc and that's just not my thing. I love to escape into a story, not have it stripped down into the mechanics of what made it in the first place. If this is your thing then I would totally recommend 'Man of Steel' but, if I can't get to the cinema, I'll wait for the novelization to show up.

I'm about fifty pages off the end of 'Terminus' so won't say too much right now other than that I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. Have some blurb,

The world has been overrun by a lethal infection, ravaged by a pathogen that leaves its victims locked half-way between life and death. New York, bombed to prevent the spread of the disease, has been reduced to radioactive rubble.

A rescue squad enters the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan, searching for the one man who can create an antidote.

The squad battle floodwaters, lethal radiation and infected, irradiated survivors as they race against the disease that threatens to extinguish the human race.

Review to come later this week I reckon.
I was going to say that 'Terminus' is a great way for Baker to round off his series but the books haven't been written in order of events so, erm... It's a great way for Baker to begin the series? You can read these books in any order so I'll let you make up your own mind ;o)

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