Thursday, 20 June 2013

The post where I turn up late to the new 'Star Wars' films discussion.

Look, it has been a busy few months ;o)

So, a copy of this turned up in the post today...

I'm not going to bother copying/pasting a blurb because I can't even get that enthusiastic about the Star Wars Expanded Universe anymore. Series that just seem to go on forever with main characters that seemingly cannot be killed (it's the more interesting new characters that seem to die off); there's nothing there for me anymore apart from some nostalgic Timothy Zahn re-reads maybe...

It's not just that though. George Lucas used to cast a pretty long shadow over the EU and made it clear that his vision for the films always took precedence over EU canon. Fair enough I guess, it was his toy after all although I couldn't help but feel sorry for Karen Traviss and her 'Clone Trooper' books. If that wasn't bad enough, Disney's plans for the new Star Wars films could see the EU cut off and left further adrift than ever. I know this discussion is months old already but I hadn't really paid it that much attention until 'Mercy Kill' came through the door earlier.

I guess my question, to all those still following the Star Wars EU, is this. How are you guys going to deal with it when the investment (time and money) that you put into the books is essentially brushed aside for a whole new canon to kick off? Are you even going to try? Is having your own personal Star Wars canon the way forward?
As far as I'm concerned... After 'Return of the Jedi' there's 'The Truce at Bakura'; then there's the original 'Thrawn' books... and that's it for me. I reckon the films will be fun but I'll know where the real story lies, at least in my head.

What about you?

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  1. I never bothered with the EU; it seems too vast and too big to even put in a foothold. I hope that the new movies pay at least some homage to the Zahn novels, though, as from what I've heard those have become legit canon for the events after Return.