Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Books in the Post! 'Long Overdue' Edition…

As you can see by the pile of books below, it's been a while since I've done one of these posts… :o) This isn't one of those 'Update' posts though as updates have been crept into the last couple of posts and you can have too much of a good/bad thing ;o) Nope, we're all about the books today; check 'em out,

This is the shelf where all my comic books used to sit until I realised I wasn't going to read them again (and away they went!) Some of the money that I made off them went on…

'Gridlinked' (Neal Asher) - Because I got such a kick out of 'The Departure' that I figured it was time to give the 'Polity' books another go as well.
'Darkness Weaves' (Karl Edward Wagner) - My hunt for the 'Kane' books is a slow and steady one that pays off every now and then. Two down, three more to go (I think)
'Sharps' (K.J. Parker) - I've never quite managed to 'get' Parker's books and I really want to. I never got round to reading 'Sharps' when it first came out so am going to give it another try after I've got another couple of books out of the way first.
'The Fire Prince' (Emily Gee) - No idea, possibly because the guy on the cover looks really worried.
'Blood & Bone' (Ian Cameron Esslemont) - The only Esslemont book that I didn't have on my shelves, now all I have to do is read them all...
'The Fifth Head of Cerebus' (Gene Wolfe) - I have a weakness for the old 'SF Masterworks' books (the black cover looks a lot nicer than the new yellow one) and I've been meaning to read more by Wolfe.
'Mockingbird' (Walter Tevis) - As above really, only substituting Tevis for Wolfe.
'The Crown of the Blood' (Gav Thorpe) - It doesn't happen often but every now and then I have to buy a book before leaving a bookshop (feel like I've failed somehow if I don't) and 'The Crown of the Blood' was that book a couple of weeks ago. Looks good though and will be saved for those precious moments when I've got time to get stuck into something a bit thicker than normal.

Did I tell you that it was my birthday the other day? I didn't? Well, it was and here's what I treated myself to…
'Revelation Space' (Alastair Reynolds) The last time I read this book (years ago) I was high on morphine (legitimately high, I was in hospital) and had some really weird dreams. No anaesthetic this time, we'll see how it goes.
'Chasm City' (Alastair Reynolds) - Again, it's been years since I read 'Chasm City' and buying 'Revelation Space' got me all interested again.
'The Sentinel Mage' (Emily Gee) - Because I'd already bought 'The Fire Prince' by this point and 'The Sentinel Mage' precedes it.It would have been kind of weird not to buy it...
For some odd reason Patricia McKillip's 'Ombria in Shadow' didn't make it into the picture. It should have done (buying it was the first thing I did once the birthday money cleared in my account)

It has been more of a time for 'books bought' rather than 'review copies received' and I'm happy with that. I'd forgotten how satisfying buying books could be (online or in the store). A few turned up from publishers, mostly because I asked for them (just as satisfying albeit for different reasons) :-)
'Zero Point' (Neal Asher) - As I said above, I enjoyed 'The Departure' enough to want to read more and Tor UK very kindly agreed to help out.
'Jupiter War' (Neal Asher) - Because if I'm going to read the first two books in a trilogy then I would be dumb not to pick up the last one (unless 'Zero Point' is awful but I don't think it will be)
'The Knight' (Pierre Pevel) - I don't know if it's my watching 'Game of Thrones' but I'm really into knights at the moment so the title pretty much sold itself.

A nice load of books to get stuck into then; I can see Asher's books being read first, possibly followed by 'Sharps' then… Whatever comes next :o) Anything there catch your eye?

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