Friday, 22 August 2014

Books 'Not in the Post' - 'Huge Spider!' Edition

Ok, maybe it wasn't such a huge spider but it scared the **** out of me when I looked up and saw it above the doorframe… Of course, Hope wanted to keep it so she could 'teach Mummy not to be scared of spiders'. No chance of that; at about half six yesterday morning Hope and I stood outside the house, waving goodbye to the spider as it was released from its pint glass prison and strolled off down the street. Seriously, it strolled; no-one was going to mess with this beast and it knew it.
But anyway, the books!
I've pretty much cleared my comic book shelf these past couple of weeks (if I'm not going to read them…) and made a few quid out of the deal. Most of that was spent yesterday as I browsed some second hand bookshops on the way to meet Sue and the girls from the station. Check em' out,
I've got most of the 'Conan' stories already so 'Conan' and 'Conan the Adventurer' were pure indulgence, bought mostly for the covers and to see how Lin Carter added to a couple of the unfinished tales. But mostly for the covers :)

I've read a few of the Vlad Taltos books (well, more like a couple) and really enjoyde them so 'Dzur' being a book that I hadn't read and only costing a pound was a good combination. It looks like it could be a good read for the bus when I'm commuting, anyone here read it?
The slightly blurred looking book, top right, is a rather well kept advance copy of Jeff Vandermeer's 'Acceptance', concluding book in the 'Southern Reach' trilogy. I haven't read 'Authority' yet, no excuse really, but it still didn't take much to persuade me to part with a little more cash. It will be a little while before you see a review here but you can expect one, definitely.

And the final book? I had just enough money left for either 'The Very Best of Tad Williams' or Erikson's 'The Wurms of Blearmouth'. The winner is obvious (clue, it wasn't 'The Wurms of Blearmouth'…) and I'll be dipping in and out of it every time full length novels feel a little too much like hard work ;o)

And that's that! Anything there catch your eye?

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