Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blurb for 'The Iron Ghost' - Jen Williams (Headline)

I loved 'The Copper Promise' (read my review Here) and, on finishing it, found myself in the rather nice position of wanting the second book to get a move on and be written. I'm feeling pretty jaded at the moment so it's great that a book can still do that to me :o)

I was intrigued then to find out that the sequel would be called 'The Iron Ghost' but properly excited to get a look at the blurb itself. If you like your fantasy 'Old School' then I reckon this will do the trick for you…

Beware the dawning of a new mage...
Wydrin of Crosshaven, Sir Sebastian and Lord Aaron Frith are experienced in the perils of stirring up the old gods. They are also familiar with defeating them, and the heroes of Baneswatch are now enjoying the perks of suddenly being very much in demand for their services.
When a job comes up in the distant city of Skaldshollow, it looks like easy coin - retrieve a stolen item, admire the views, get paid. But in a place twisted and haunted by ancient magic, with the most infamous mage of them all, Joah Demonsworn, making a reappearance, our heroes soon find themselves threatened by enemies on all sides, old and new. And in the frozen mountains, the stones are walking…

I am well up for this already :o) I like reading about adventurers and I love reading about adventurers causing trouble in strange cities; that's all there is to say really. You can expect to see a review here early next year. 'The Iron Ghost' won't be on shelves until February 2015 but that's not actually all that far away now, is it? *Looks at watch*

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