Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The 'Dogsitting...' Catch-Up Post!

This post should have gone up yesterday but, to be honest, a day trip to Brighton beats blogging every time, even when it rains for large chunks of the day... :o) I didn't find any of the second hand bookshops I'd heard were in Brighton but watching Hope clean up on the 2p machines pretty much made up for that (there will be other times for bookshop hunting...) And today sees me dogsitting for a friend, not a hard job as the dogs seem to be catching up on their sleep right now. I like dogs :o)

So where does that leave the blog then? Well, everything gets bumped back a day which gives me a little extra time to make inroads to 'King of Thorns' (which is great by the way) and a couple of other books that I want to talk about here. What are they? Wait and see... :o)

In the meantime, my latest 'Black Company Re-Read' post went up on Tor.com yesterday and it would be totally remiss of me if I didn't link to it from here. Have a click Here if you want to read what I have to say about 'Shadow Games', a whole new chapter in the history of the Black Company and a step forward towards the big finale in Khatovar. Only five more books to go...

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