Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bits and Pieces in the Post...

I'm starting to get a few books turn up in the post, some of which might be read/reviewed while others make that short journey to the charity shop... Here are some that turned up in the last couple of days,

So there's a 'will definitely read', 'might read' and 'will not read' here, one of each :o) I have absolutely no interest in reading 'The Deepest Night' which looks like another 'Supernatural Boarding School Tale'. I may be doing it a disservice but there's only so much time in the day and more appealing books to fill it with! 'Children of Fire' looks like it could be it could be worth a go but I've never got on with Karpyshyn's 'Star Wars' books, have a read of the blurb and tell me what you think...

Long ago the gods chose a great hero to act as their agent in the mortal world and to stand against the demonic spawn of Chaos. The gods gifted their champion, Daemron, with three magical Talismans: a sword, a ring, and a crown. But the awesome power at his command corrupted Daemron, turning him from savior to destroyer. Filled with pride, he dared to challenge the gods themselves. Siding with the Chaos spawn, Daemron waged a titanic battle against the Immortals. In the end, Daemron was defeated, the Talismans were lost, and Chaos was sealed off behind the Legacy—a magical barrier the gods sacrificed themselves to create.

Now the Legacy is fading. On the other side, the banished Daemron stirs. And across the scattered corners of the land, four children are born of suffering and strife, each touched by one aspect of Daemron himself—wizard, warrior, prophet, king.

Bound by a connection deeper than blood, the Children of Fire will either restore the Legacy or bring it crashing down, freeing Daemron to wreak his vengeance upon the mortal world.

On the one hand, it looks like fun. On the other hand, more children born in Fantasyland who have magic powers...? Really not sure, has anyone else read it?

'The Orphan' though...? I've realised recently that I am after something properly spooky and this looks like it could fit the bill nicely...

Darren and Beth Lynwood always dreamed of having a son, but when young amnesiac runaway Adam enters their lives, he brings with him a creeping darkness that threatens to engulf their family and everyone around them.

When Adam's memories claw their way to the surface, Darren finds himself haunted by thoughts of his own childhood - and of a boy very much like Adam who was done an unspeakable wrong.

As buried secrets are unearthed, the Lynwood's happy home becomes the hunting ground for a relentless evil and an obsession that will not die.

There's no point locking the door.
There's no use shutting out the night.
Because the orphan is already inside.

If it's half as good as 'The Birthing House' (which I really enjoyed) then 'The Orphan' should make for some chilling reading and will definitely be read at some point soon.

What about you guys though? Do any of these books tickle your fancy? Leave comments in the usual place if they do... ;o) 

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