Friday, 26 July 2013

Books in the Post and a Theme...

One of the things that I promised myself about this here new blog was that it would be a case of 'finishing what I started'. Far too many promising series fell by the wayside, last time round, as my head was turned by one book or another and I don't want that to happen again (I've got a feeling that I missed out on a lot of great stuff doing that...)

While I can't ever promise that I'll finally finish the Malazan books (although, maybe...) there are some series that look totally finishable (What? It's a word, erm... now) and, as luck would have it, certain books came through the door that will give me a kick in the right direction. Check em' out,

I've been looking forward to seeing this, for a long time now, as I read the unedited manuscript on work experience last year. If you're a fan, you are going to love this book (I guarantee it). I am currently four books behind, with the series, and seeing as they're all on the shelf (and not exactly thick reads) I don't really have much of an excuse any more. Here's the blurb (if you squint really hard you can see some of the cover copy that I wrote),

Relentlessly advancing towards Collegium, the Empire is again seeking to break down its walls. The mighty imperial armies have learnt from their failures, and Empress Seda will brook no weakness in her soldiers. However, Stenwold Maker has earned his title, and the War Master has strategies to save his city. His aviators rule the skies – but the Wasp Kinden Empire has developed a terrifying new aerial weapon. Yet the campaign may be decided far from marching armies and the noise of battle. In an ancient forest, where Mantis clans pursue their own civil war, the Empress Seda is seeking lost magic. Some dangerous shadow of old night is locked up among these trees and she is wants its power. Cheerwell Maker must stop her, at any cost, but will their rivalry awaken something far deadlier? Something that could make even their clash of nations pale into insignificance ... 

I actually read 'Lamentation' way back in the day but never got round to reading the other two books (what with one thing and another... again) This was a real shame as 'Lamentation' was excellent and, with 'Requiem' now officially roaming the wilds, I thought it was long past time I got caught up :o)

I'm still working my way through 'King of Thorns' (with 'Emperor' to follow) and have the 'Black Company' re-read marching onwards as well. Don't be too surprised though if you see these books (and the preceding 'Shadows of the Apt' books) pop up every now and then...


  1. Shadows of the Apt is one series I have sitting on my shelf, but have yet to dive into. Just reading Emperor of Thorns now, which was the latest series for me to catch up on with back-to-back-to-back reads.

    Pretty sure I have Lamentation on a shelf somewhere too, although it's fallen off my radar.

  2. I'm not sure why but I can't seem to get into the Malazan books. Considering how many there are, maybe that is a good thing. :>P

    Now the original Black Company series I loved. I'll have to get the rest of them someday.

  3. Mulluane - I keep telling myself that one day I will finish the Malazan series but I intend to do a lot of things 'one day'... ;o)

    Bob - The first four books of the 'Shadows of the Apt' series are well worth a read but I couldn't really say about the rest because, erm... Haven't read em' yet :o)
    Read the first four though as even though it's a ten book series, the plot arc is pretty well self contained here.